table tennis in the vains


The first time Aida Dahlen played table tennis, she discovered that she has it in her vains. It just felt natural.

- Now I'll just see how good I can be. I sets higher and higher goals, she says.

For it is the ability to react that sets someone apart in this lightning fast game with the small, lightweight ball that passes between duellantene over the table. Aida has always been fast. That lays underneath. In the vains. From there it's about technique and training .









Name: Aida Dahlen
Location: Oslo
Age: 25
Sports: Table tennis
Achievements: European Championship gold medal in 2015, World Championship silver medal in 2014, European championship silver medal in 2013. 5th place from the Paralympics in 2012 .
Goals in Rio: Medal .
When I succeed in my sport, I feel : Sparkling joy! It's a feeling I have more and more often. And it feel good!