Singing with the wind


Wind in the sail, water surging along the hull. Waves rolling. Altogether it becomes almost like a small orchestra in the ears of a sailor .

To  Bjørnar Erikstad sailing is a musical experience.

- A lot of people say that the wind is howling. But there is much more nuanced than that. I think we are sailing much more on sound than we realize, says Bjørnar and smiles.

He has lived all his life by the seaside.

- When everything is right and the boat picks up speed, I feel like singing. Sing the same song as boat.



Name: Bjørnar Erikstad
Age: 35
Location: Tønsberg
Sports: Sailing
Achievements: World Cup silver medals in 2014 and 2015. VM bronze medals in 2001 and 2006. 8 Norwegian championship gold medals over the years and the kings thropy in 2004. In three previous Paralympics he has  7th- and 8th results. 
Goals in Rio: Will fight for a medal. And then gold is better than silver!
When I succeed in my sport, I feel: Happiness! Relief! Tremendous joy!