– I have BOASSON HAGENS thigh!

Glenn Johansen got his muscle strength and volum measured in his left leg and equaled the capacity of the non-disabled professional cyclist Edvald Boasson Hagen.

- The only difference is that he has got two of them. But I live happily with that result, grins the paralympier from Høybråten in Oslo, now resident of the town limits in Lørenskog.

As a cyclist with CP it is the coordination and balance that are the biggest challenges. Therefore Glenn is most comfortable with time trial - where he do not have to sit in a big group with other bikers - and a course that are not too technically demanding.

Just as the course in Rio. That gives reasons for optimism.

But at the same time:

- The competition is insanely high! Much higher than in London in 2012. Ordinary people do not understand what we are talking about, says Glenn.

He will not be surprised if the winning speed over twenty miles will pass an average speed of 46 km/h. The rise in the level internationally makes Glenn choose to have moderate expectations of medal chances. Instead he focuses on individual performance.

- If I have a perfect day, anything can happen. And you have to have some luck. But if I get out my best, I'll be happy no matter the results.

When it goes well in competitions - and hopefully good in Rio - it's a reward for all the training. Glenn admits that not all of the training is fun. But:

- I still think it's so cool when I succeed. It is an enormous satisfaction to know that I am just simply good.



Name: Glenn Johansen
Age: 42
Location: Lørenskog
Sports: Cycling
Achievements: 4th place in time trial and 9th place in the mass start of the Paralympics in 2013. World Championship silver medal in time trial from 2013. Ranked as No. 3 in the world that year. Some other placements in the World Cup. He has won Tyrifjorden around, small course and taken 2nd place in veteran cup against non-disabled.
Goals in Rio: Get out the best I've been training for in four years.
When I succeed in my sport, I feel: Insanely joy!