The dream

Perhaps blood too,
but at least backbreaking toil.
Lots of hard work. Pain.
Can we really imagine the effort that's
put into following a dream that is so big?
If we could see for ourselves what they must sacrifice
and forsake - without having any
guarantee to get paid for the effort?
Training, cramming.
Technique, tactics.
Strength, agility.
The first dream they have in common:
to see their name on the list of
participants who receive a ticket to the world
biggest sporting event for
disabled, Paralympics.
From there they have different dreams.
For some it's about defending
position as the best
in the world. For others it is
to take the first medal,
even gold.
Maybe it's about  giving everything
to get to that final heat.
Setting personal record.
Or simply do their very,
best when it really matters.
Can you really dream
about something