trains with his inner eye

The most important property of a boccia player is to stay focused and not let themselves be knocked of the perch, explains Roger Aandalen. In the class he competes, all the athletes have CP. Concentration is essential to be able to perform.

- CP and precision sport is not exactly something that many thinks naturally belongs together. It is so cool to manage something that most people think is impossible, he says.

So in addition to exercise and harp on the throwing technique,a lot of Rogers preparations is to visualise, to imagine, what will happen in the competition.

- I can visualise what will happen and what can happen, so I am prepared when it happens. The visualization is an important part of my routine. I do it everywhere, whether it's in bed before I fall asleep at night, or if I'm sitting on the plane on the way to the competition.

Not even a seasoned player like Roger managed to imagine that there would be 5,000 spectators in the stands during the London Paralympics.

It gave me a real kick. I hope there will be a lot of people who follow the game in Rio as well.

Rio is Rogers sixth Paralympics, and he is aware that it will be his last.

- It is still very fun to compete internationally, but I'm starting to go a little tired of all the training that is needed, he admits.

So what would have been more appropriate than to end his career by going right to the top? The experienced boccia player is not being fooled to come with  such gilded declarations. To that, the level of competition is to high and to even.

- I like to keep my ambitions for myself, he says with a smile.



Name: Roger Aandalen
Age: 51
Location: Fields, outside Lillestrom
Sports: Boccia
Achievements: Silver medal in the Paralympics 2004 in Athens and bronze medal from London in 2012. Silver medal in the World Cup in 1995 and 2003, bronze medal in 1999. 
Goals in Rio: If everything works, the goal is to win a medal.
When I succeed in my sport, I feel: an inner peace.