The super veteran

Runar Steinstad know that his age is working against him. Then it's even more satisfying when he manages to keep his performance at the same level as before - and even get a little better. With his 49 years the javelin thrower is a veteran. But being a paralympier feels no less honorable than when he was younger. On the contrary.

- As paralympier you must love what you are doing, not only enjoy it, he declares.

Because nothing comes easy. If you have reached so far that you have been selected for the Paralympics you have been dedicated to your sport for a long time and in a completely different level than most others.

- It means training hours out of the ordinary, priorities, regularity and predictability of everyday life, and a daily routine governed by specific goals. Without exceptions.

Meanwhile Runar is very clear bout that he is no victim. He forsakes nothing he'd rather would do.

- Knowing that you are among the very best in the world in your sport is of course fun, and can surely adjust some of your self-image, he smiles.

If inner motivation is not present, one will never become a paralympier, says Runar.

- Exercise always exceeds talent when accounts are settled. Also for the disabled.

There is a lot of practical challenges that must be resolved in order to implement daily training. Some need companions or assistants to train, others need special equipment or trainers with special skills.

- As a paralympier I must take charge to get this in place. The best paralympiers like to seek to the best athletes to train together and develop together.

Runar Steinstad notes that sport for disabled people still live in the shadow.
The media shadow.

- It is the media that fuels the sports and sets the agenda. If we had basketball on TV every  Saturday, I think there had been an raise in both sponsorship and increased recruitment of basketball.



Name: Runar Steinstad
Age: 49
Location: Sandefjord
Sports: Javelin
Honours: Bronze medal in World Cup 2006 , silver medal in the World Championships in 2011 , gold medal in the European Championships 2012, bronze medal in the Paralympics 2012, bronze medal at the World Championships in 2013 , silver medal in the European Championships in 2014 , bronze medal in the European Championships in 2016 .
Goals in Rio: Throw 53 meters and reach the final. And if everything works: 55 meters and the possibility of a medal.
When I succeed in my sport, I feel: The lump in my throat.