The  hunted hunter

Sarah Louise Rung know she is hunted in Rio. But she will be in the hunt herself.

- I notice that I am a favorite. Competitors are here to get me, realises the biggest star in Norwegian squad for the Paralympics in Rio.

26-year-old from Stavanger took gold in 200 meter freestyle and 50m butterfly during the Games in 2012. She also brought home two silver medals from London. So she has a lot to defend.

- But at 100m Freestyle I've got to be the hunter. I love to be in a hunter's position and not only in a defensive position, she says about the distance where she was beaten in London.


Role model

It is not only in the pool that Sarah Louise Rung has won glory. On Sports Gala in Norway last year she was proclaimed  the female, disabled athlete of the year - and she also was proclaimed role model of the year. It is highly regarded, but she finds it difficult to put into words how she can be an inspiration to others.

- I think I can be an example for other people to  see the opportunities ahead and seize them, regardless of your situation. If one only looks at the limitations, they can easily become excuses not to set goals and move on, says Sarah Louise.


Into the bubble

Handikapnytt meets her in Stavanger swimming hall, her home court. Now she looks forward to "get into the bubble," as she says. That means she is going to shut the outside world out and focus completely on the tasks ahead. Stay focused. It's hard and long training camps in Spain and Florid ahead.

- The championship is the party, but it is a tough job, underline Sarah Louise.

If  Rio is going to be  her last Paralympics, she doesn't consider right now.

- The decision will not only be based on the results in September. It's about so much more. Being a top athlete is a lifestyle of traveling, training and friendship.


Would be best in world

Sarah Louise Rung was a swimmer long before she was injured in 2008. It was natural for her to continue, but today she is at a much higher level.

- Before, I was probably not that dedicated. I enjoyed the sport and all the friends training together. But it was first after the injury I was determined about the swimming and set a goal to become the best in the world.


Name: Sarah Louise Rung
Age: 26
Location: Stavanger
Sport: Swimming
Achievements: Two Paralympic gold medals and two silver medals. Eight world championship gold medals and 5 European Championship gold medals.
Goals in Rio : Defending medals from London and do my best championship so far.
When I succeed in my sport, I feel: Yess !! An insane sense of accomplishment and joy.